The PAS Undergraduate and Graduate Research Grants Program has awarded grants to 22 students from nine different Pennsylvania colleges and universities.

Grants were awarded to (bold font denotes student authors):

Nicholas Griffith, Noah Kulp, and David Osgood, Albright College: “Comparing the Effects of Multiple, Compounding, Disturbances on Understory Plant Communities Within Eastern Deciduous Forests”

Khushali Vyas and Andre Walther, Cedar Crest College: “The Effect of Phosphorylation of Replication Protein A on Telomere Length in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using PCR-based Amplification”

Khoula Jaber and K. Joy Karnas, Cedar Crest College: “AcrAB-TolC efflux upregulation as a mechanism for triclosan resistance in Enterobacter cloacae and Escherichia coli

Sydney Jones and K. Joy Karnas, Cedar Crest College: “Investigation of fabI gene overexpression for conferred triclosan resistance in Cronobacter muytjensii and Klebsiella aerogenes

Frances Hurst Brubaker and Ryan Utz, Chatham University: “Voltinism Patterns in Moths Using Databases from”

Darci Ott, Jackson Dardis, and Diane Bridge, Elizabethtown College: “Characterizing Ferroptosis in the Model Invertebrate Hydra vulgaris

Catalina Ordoñez, Mia Jang, and Quyen Aoh, Gannon University: “The Role of SCAMP3 in Regulating CXCR4 Trafficking”

Peter Bellocchio and Cuong Diep, Indiana University of PA: ”Testing the dimerization of lhx1a with co-immunoprecipitation”

Ainsley Bua, Sara Collevechio, and Valbona Hoxha, Lebanon Valley College: “The molecular effects of alcohol sensitivity post traumatic brain injury in Drosophila melanogaster

Caitlyn Henry and Angela Asirvatham, Misericordia University: “Simulation of an in vitro inflammatory model using Schwann cells”

Peyton Kimmel and Angela Asirvatham, Misericordia University: “The Effect of Creatine on Schwann Cell Proliferation and AKAP 149 Expression”

Tiffany Nguyen, Bianca Caresosa, and Ronald Kaltreider, York College of PA: “Roscovitine and Antimetabolites Inhibition of CDK5 Activates a Potential PI3K Involvement in Cancer Progression and Aggression”

Emma Frennborn, Tabitha Roth, and David Singleton, York College of PA: “Using RFP-tagged Genes to Determine Protein Expression in Recombinant SPARTY Bacteriophages”

Kate Greenwood, Gabriel Castro, Alexia Williams, and Brian Gray, York College of PA: “Tracking changes in circular RNA expression following chemical suppression and activation of T cells”

The following students were awarded Travel Grants to present at PAS

Caleb Keller, York College of PA
Alianna Landry, York College of PA
Megan Monostra, Cabrini University
Jazzlyn Grenier, York College of PA
Mia Krevh, Gannon University
Ellen Madden, Gannon University
Sydnie Rager, Mercyhurst University
Michaela Mitchell, Mercyhurst University
Catalina Ordoñez, Gannon University
Ally Zarilla, Gannon University
Xinying Fang, Penn State University School of Medicine




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