The PAS Undergraduate and Graduate Research Grants Program has awarded grants to 24 students from fifteen different Pennsylvania colleges and universities.

Grants were awarded to:

Stephanie Buczkowski  and Angela Hess  Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania “Interpreting the roles of EphA2 in mediating the aggressive phenotype in a mouse melanoma model”

Rebecca Price and  Angela Hess Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania “Understanding how EphA2 and the MAPK pathway contribute to melanoma progression”

Alyssa Rothman  and Sheryl Fuller-Espie Cabrini University “Anti-bacterial and anti-cancer effects of peptides purified from the earthworm Eisenia hortensis using ultrafiltration and hydrophobic interaction chromatography”

Julianna Marotta and K. Joy Karnas  Cedar Crest College  “Overexpression and Knockout of AcrA, AcrB, and TolC Efflux Pump Genes in Enterobacter cloacae

Graziella Greco  and Lara Goudsouzian  DeSales University “Targeting Telomerase in a Trinucleotide Repeat strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Georgina VanNorden and Joshua Slee DeSales University “Investigating the Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Annonacin in Vascular Endothelial Cells”

Kristine Bentkowski and Joshua Loomis East Stroudsburg University “Prevalence of Powassan Virus and Co-infection of Lyme Disease (Borrelia burgdorferi) in Ixodes scapularis from New Jersey and Pennsylvania Black Bears (Ursus americanus)”

Justin Clarke and Terry Master East Stroudsburg University “The Northern Waterthrush: Analyzing the Distribution and Abundance of a Secretive Songbird in Pennsylvania”

Allyson Owens and Quyen Aoh Gannon University “The Role of trans-Golgi Network and Endosomal Adaptors in Nitrogen-Regulated Growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Roaa Alnajjar and Narayanaswamy Bharathan Indiana University of Pennsylvania “Characterization of Double-stranded (ds) RNA from the Plant Pathogenic Fungus Rhizoctonia solani

Maisa Khoj and Narayanaswamy Bharathan Indiana University of Pennsylvania “Analysis of Cloned Viral Double-Stranded (ds) RNA from Selected Isolates of Rhizoctonia solani belonging to Anastomosis Group (AG)-4″

Tejas Mahadevan Padmanabhan and Cuong Diep Indiana University of Pennsylvania “Testing the R1 peptide in kidney development in zebrafish”

Kevin Regan and Vida Irani Indiana University of Pennsylvania “The Ecology of Zoonotic Infectious Disease: Small Mammal Reservoirs and Coinfection Risk by Tick Borne Pathogens”

Zack Knepp and Kyle Root Lock Haven University “Identification of Algal Lipase for Catalyzed Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Production”

Brittany Dosch and Deanne Dulik Garver Marywood University “Use of Physical and Chemical Forensic Analysis Procedures to Characterize Fibers Found at Crime Scenes”

Sara Goodson and Deanne Garver Marywood University “Characterization of Ellagitannins and Anthocyanins in Red Raspberry and Blueberry Leaf Extracts using Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS)”

Meghan Srour and Christopher Brey Marywood University “Morphological and genetic characterization of the Krϋppel-like transcription factor klf3 in Caenorhabditis elegans in mutant strains associated with the insulin signaling pathway”

Matthew Darok and John Harms Messiah College “In vivo effects of combined proglumide and gemcitabine combination-therapy on pancreatic tumor growth and fibrosis”

Rachel Guest and Christopher Taylor Mercyhurst University “Evaluating the effects of combining erbB2 kinase inhibition and PI3K inhibition in SKBR3 cancer cells”

Nicholas Rugelis and Christopher Taylor Mercyhurst University “Using Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Mechanics to Model the Effects of Kinase Domain Mutations on the binding of HER2 Kinase Inhibitors”

Kathryn Bruce and Jessica Petko Penn State York “Mechanisms of sexual size dimorphism in the common house spider, Parasteatoda tepidariorum

Andrea Fetters and Tia-Lynn University of Pittsburgh “Pollination gone viral: plants as novel agents for pollinator viruses”

Jason Miller and  Jessica Schedlbauer West Chester University of Pennsylvania “The influence of edge effects on soil carbon storage and CO2 efflux in temperate deciduous forests of southeastern Pennsylvania”

Jesse Tate  and Valbona Hoxha York College of Pennsylvania  “The Role of ABC transporters in Alcohol Sensitivity of Drosophila melanogaster