2022 PAS OFFICERS & Elections Slate:

President-Elect: (2022-2024, President 2024-2026, Past-President 2026-2028)

  • Current nominee for 2022-24: Tammy Tintjer

President: André Walther (2022-2024, Past-President 2024-2026)

Past-President: Amy Parent (2020-2022), Matt Wallace (2022-2024)

PJAS Director: Robert Helm (elected by PJAS)

Treasurer: Jennifer White (2020-2022), Chris Brey (2022-2024)

Treasurer-Elect: Chris Brey (2020-2022)

  • Current nominee for 2022-24: OPEN

Finance and Investments Chair: Amy Parente (appointed)

Education Chair: David Singleton (appointed)

Program co-Chairs: Rachael Zhu and Jenny Hayden (appointed)

Affiliate Chair: Lara Goudsouzian (appointed)

Spychala Awards Chairs: Christopher Dolanc and Michael Foulk (appointed)

Corresponding Secretary/Membership Chair: Sheryl Fuller-Espie (2021-2023)

Recording Secretary: Tammy Tintjer (2020-2022)

  • Current nominee for 2022-24: OPEN

Editor in Chief/Journal Editor: Interim Co-editors: Steve Mech & Ed Levri

  • Current nominee for 2022-24: Steve Mech

Book Editor: Sandy Whidden (appointed)

Webmaster and Archivist: Rachael Zhu (2021-23)

Media Content Editor: Jennifer Hayden (appointed)

AAAS/NAAS Representative: K. Joy Karnas (2020-2022)

  • Current nominee for 2022-24: Joy Karnas

Directors at Large: Stephen Mech (2020-2022), René Fuanta (2020-2022), Zeb Kramer (2021-23), Russell Minton (2021-23)

  • Two open positions; current nominees for 2022-2024: Chris Kavanau, Robert Coxe, Bona Hoxha