2019 Elections

 The slate for our annual elections is given below and will also be discussed at the annual Business Meeting March 30 at Cedar Crest College.  After nominations are taken from the floor, there will be a vote of the membership to approve the slate of officers.  Officers up for election are in bold. We are still accepting nominations for offices up for election.

Proposed Slate:

President-Elect: Matthew Wallace (2018-2020, President 2020-2022, Past- President 2022-2024)

President: Amy Parente (2018-2020, Past- President 2020-2022)

Past-President: Ed Levri (2018-2020)

PJAS Director: Fay Nelson (elected by PJAS)

Treasurer: Chris Brey (2018-2020)

Treasurer-Elect:  Jennifer White (2018-2020; Treasurer 2020-2022)

Finance and Investments Chair: J. Michael Campbell (appointed)

Education Chair: David Singleton (appointed)

Annual Meeting Chair: David Singleton (appointed)

Program co-Chairs: André Walther (appointed) and Rachael Picard

Affiliate Chair: Lara Goudsouzian (appointed)

Spychala Awards co-Chairs: Christopher Dolanc and Michael Foulk (appointed)

Corresponding Secretary: Sheryl Fuller-Espie (2019-2021)

Recording Secretary: Tammy Tintjer (2018-2020)

Editor in Chief: Carl Pratt (2019-2021)

Book Editor: Sandy Whidden (appointed)

Journal Editor: Carl Pratt (appointed)

Webmaster and Archivist: André Walther (2019-2021)

Media Content Editor: Jenny Hayden (2019-2021)

AAAS/NAAS Representative: K. Joy Karnas (2018-2020)

Directors at Large: Greg George (2019-2021), Stephen Mech (2018- 2020), Anna Blice-Baum (2019-2020), Dana Harriger (2019-2021)