animal-bottle-glass-561At the Executive Board Meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science held at the Pennsylvania State University on 2 October 2004, the board voted to establish an Annual Fund Campaign to endow the Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science and increase the endowment for Undergraduate Research Grant.

At the present time approximately 50 percent of the cost of publishing the journal is covered by page charges and the remainder of the publication cost must be covered from the operating fund of the academy.

It would be the objective of The Pennsylvania Journal of Science Development Fund to generate sufficient funds to completely cover the cost of publishing the journal. Likewise, the current undergraduate/Charles Reif research endowment only generates sufficient funds for two research grants and any other student grants must be supported by the operating fund.

We realize that this will take time to generate sufficient income to support these programs that are vital to the success of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science, but with your help, we will begin this journey together.

Contact Information

Matthew Wallace
PAS President