The PAS Undergraduate and Graduate Research Grants Program has awarded grants to 25 students from 13 different Pennsylvania colleges and universities.

Grants were awarded to (bold font denotes student authors):

Sydney Thompson and Mahita Kadmiel; Allegheny College: “Measuring the Effect of Corticosteroids on Epithelial Integrity of the Human Corneal Epithelial Monolayer in the Presence and Knockdown of the Glucocorticoid Receptor”

Amber Bitner and Lindsey Welch; Cedar Crest College: “Presumptive Color Test for the Detection of Xylazine”

Alison Edwards and Andre Walther; Cedar Crest College :“Examining the bridging interactions of cancer associated protein Ddc2p with Replication Protein A and Mec1p using the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Corinne O’Connor and Jennifer Hayden; Cedar Crest College: “Effects of lysine acetylation on DNA repair in Mycobacterium smegmatis

Austin Dotta and Dia Beachboard; DeSales University: “The phylogenetic signature of gut microbiomes in 6 Pennsylvania bat species”

Madeline Glenn and Lara Goudsouzian; DeSales University: “Assessing Changes in Pond Fungal Communities After Chemical Treatment”

Audrey Sauter and Thomas LaDuke; East Stroudsburg University: “Investigating the Effects of Prescribed Burns on Microclimates of Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) Hibernacula”

Joann George and Quyen Aoh; Gannon University; “Examining the Role of SCAMP3 in β-amyloid Production”

Tyler Snavely, Ashley Darrow and Valbona Hoxha; Lebanon Valley College: “The effect of gold derivative Au(Spm) on Drosophila melanogaster survivorship and motor activity”

Mackenzie Murray, Caitlin Settle, and Rajinikanth Mohan; Mercyhurst University “Screening a bacterial library for novel hydrolytic exoenzymes”

Michael Azar and John Harms; Messiah University: “Developing and assessing a novel protocol for long-term proglumide treatment of pancreatic cancer cell lines”

Faith Fitz and John Harms; Messiah University: “Effect of proglumide on fibrosis in a model of advanced pancreatic cancer”

Sophie Tomov, Sabeen Safi, and Giancarlo Cuadra; Muhlenberg College: “The effects of E-Liquids on THP-1 macrophage differentiation and gene expression”

Zizhong Tian and Shouhao Zhou; Penn State University College of Medicine:”Bayesian meta-analytic modeling of inter-rater agreement for binary-rating studies”

Justin Crookston and Logan Johnson; University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg: “JAZF1 Gene Fusions as a Disease Model for Endometrial Stromal Sarcomas in Drosophila melanogaster

Alayna Beam and Logan Johnson; University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg: “Looking Deeper into Jazf-1’s Role in Drosophila Eye Development”

Megan Brown and Itzick Vatnick; Widener University: “The effects of exposure to ecological relevant concentrations of nitrate on crayfish (Procambarus clarkii)”

Judah Stube, Jordan Wilson, and Cecilia Bove; York College: “Identifying a Gene Responsible for Antibiotic Production in A. faecalis strain DS8-19”

Faith Kuzmiak and Wendy Boehmler; York College: “Expression Pattern of Canavan Disease-Associated ASPA Gene During Development of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)”

Opeoluwa Adesola and Meda Higa; York College: “Characterizing the glycoprotein-receptor interaction of hantavirus infections”

Maral Ganzorig, Courtney Muhl, and Cecilia Bove; York College: “Identification of a pathophysiological mechanism for dysregulated gastrointestinal transit in fluoroquinolones-associated disability: the role of cholecystokinin”

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