The PAS Undergraduate and Graduate Research Grants Program has awarded grants to 17 students from 11 different Pennsylvania colleges and universities.

Grants were awarded to (bold font denotes student authors):

Katherine Franzone and Andre Walther; Cedar Crest College: “Analyzing the Effect of RPA Phosphorylation on Genetic and Physical interactions with DNA Repair Proteins in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lily Spagnola and Audrey Ettinger; Cedar Crest College: “Influence of social group size and habitat density on the development of Jack Dempsey cichlid fish behavior”

Madison Wolfinger and Andre Walther; Cedar Crest College: “Examining Telomerase Regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae in response to Replication Protein A Phosphorylation using a PCR-based Protocol”

Alexis Armstrong, Jared Franges, and Dia Beachboard; DeSales University: “Inhibitors of Coronavirus nsp5 Protease”

Isabella Joyce and Austin Barnett; DeSales University: “Exploring the Developmental Use of Eye-Patterning Genes in an Eyeless Arachnid”

Jenna Fannin and Thomas LaDuke; East Stroudburg University: “The Spread of Snake Fungal Disease (Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola) Across Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) Populations in Eastern Pennsylvania”

Haley Martin and Elisa Koniezko; Gannon University: “The Effects of Alcohol on Skeletal Muscle Structure and Function at the Cellular Level”

Olivia Kelly and Prasad Dalvi; Gannon University: “Counteracting the effects of a high fat diet on neuroinflammation in a hypothalamic neuronal cell line”

Karlie Thompson and Paul Nealen; Indiana University of PA: “The Effect of Body Condition on Neophobia in Zebra Finches; A ManyBirds Study”

Jason Rettger and Rajinikanth Mohan; Mercyhurst University: “Exploring Mechanisms of Sucretolerance in Microbes”

Kara Hill, Sydney Rager, and Rajinikanth Mohan; Mercyhurst University: “Impact of Phthalates on Human Normal Flora”

Mackenzie Wilcox and Angela Asirvatham; Misericordia University: “The Effects of Creatine on LPS-Treated Schwann Cells”

Gracie Harlow and Edward Levri; Penn State University Altoona: “The effects of environmental factors on New Zealand Mud Snail density and reproduction”

Gavin Suter and Edward Levri; Penn State University Altoona: “Determining Chaetogaster limnaei limnaei and Chaetogaster limnaei vaghini Prevalence Within New Zealand Mud Snails in the Musconetcong River, NJ”

Xinying Fang and Shouzao Zhou; Penn State University School of Medicine: “Establish Recurrent Neural Network Models for Sequential Drug Treatment Prediction and Drug Combination Synergy Identification”

Matthew Comiciotto and Arthur Catino; University of Scranton: “Development of a Cascade Approach to Tetraarylmethanes”

Sydney Azar and Brian Gray; York College of PA: “Reducing the animal content in culture medium for primary cells: developing more ethical tissue culture”

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