Lab Manual  for Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology: A Research-Based Approach

Expected availability: Fall 2024

Members of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science collaborated to develop a manual that pulls together several research-based labs that they have previously run in their upper-division college lab courses. The activities include bacteria, yeast, and fruit fly microbiology, zebrafish-based cell biology, invertebrate and plant metagenomics, bioinformatics, and genetic engineering in bacteria and yeast. Advanced laboratory techniques include end-point PCR, qPCR, RT-qPCR, bar coding, in situ hybridization, in silico and in vitro gene cloning and editing, and site-directed mutagenesis and mutation detection. The activities can be combined to create multi-week lab explorations or run individually as standalone experiments. Lab Manual

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Table of Contents and About the Manual & Authors

Example labs:
Building COVID Phylogenies
In vitro Site-directed mutagenesis of plasmids

Poster Presentation:

Karnas Walther ABLE 2024 Poster