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96. Comparison of bacterial species in three diverse Lehigh Valley landscapes.- Glenn, Madeline*, Gabrielle Seagreaves*, Joseph Colosi, and Lara Goudsouzian DeSales University.
97. Preliminary study on hybridization and evaluation of spring varieties of flax (Linum usitatissimum) in South Central PA.- Boyce, Katelyn*, and Janet Matanguihan Messiah University.
98. Multifactor analysis of the spread of deer tick (Ixodes scapularis) borne diseases in Pennsylvania.- Wallace, Ryder*, Jeffrey Bardwell, and Brad Engle Wilson College.
99. Gypsy moths (Lymantria dispar) ovipatory in Michaux State Forest based on tree species and age.- Mountz, Camryn*, Jeffrey Bardwell, and Sherri Buerdsell Wilson College.
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102. Comparative study of the effect of precipitation on microplastics in the Conococheague Creek.- Rosander, Kara*, Deborah Austin, and Sherri Buerdsell Wilson College.
103. Analysis of biodiversity within freshwater mussel populations inhabiting Conneaut Creek, Erie PA.- Shaw, Andrew*, and J. Michael Campbell Mercyhurst University.
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105. What's hiding on our lab floor? Student sourcing antibiotic discovery.- Nemec, Ryleigh*, Whitney Cabrera, and Jennifer Hayden Cedar Crest College.
106. Gamma proteobacteria are the dominant culturable endophytes in the stems and flowers of the ghost plant, Monotropa uniflora.- Flores, Maria*, Kaitlyn Strocio*, and Rajinikanth Mohan Mercyhurst University.
107. Testing the model: exploration of a predictive mathematical model for antibiotic resistance in bacteria.- Jaber, Khoula *, and K. Joy Karnas Cedar Crest College.