97th Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science

All events held on the DeSales University campus

PAS 2022 Program (Printed version will be provided to registrants upon meeting check-in)

PAS Abstract Book 2022


Friday, March 25 

5:00-6:30 PM   PAS Board Meeting Gambet Center 232
6:00-7:00 PM   PAS Board Dinner Gambet Center 232
7:00-8:00 PM Meeting Check-In Gambet Center Atrium
7:00–9:00 PM   Reception Gambet Center Atrium
7:30 PM   Welcome Remarks: Fr. James Greenfield, Dr. Matthew Wallace, United States Representative Susan Wild Gambet Center 153/155


Saturday Morning Sessions, March 26 

8:00–9:00 AM  Early Meeting Check-In DeSales University Center (DUC) Reception Gallery
8:55–9:10 AM  Welcome: Dr. Robert Blumenstein, Dean of Undergraduate Education  DUC Commonwealth Room
9:30–11:00 AM  Meeting Check-In DUC Reception Gallery
9:30–11:30 AM   Coffee Break DUC Reception Gallery

Gambet Center Atrium

9:15–10:15 AM Oral Presentations I: Aquatic Ecology Gambet Center 206
9:45–11:00 AM  Oral Presentations II: Terrestrial Ecology Gambet Center 153
10:00–11:15 AM  Oral Presentations III: Cancer I Gambet Center 155
10:00–12:00 PM  Poster Session I (Poster set-up 9:00-10:00 AM) Genes, Proteins, Cells, and Disease DUC Wood and Heritage Rooms


Saturday Lunch Sessions, March 26 

11:45–1:00 PM    Lunch: Pick up outside Lunch panels/Business Meeting
12:00-12:45 PM Student Lunch Panel: Career Panel Gambet Center 153
12:00-12:45 PM Student Lunch Panel: Graduate School Panel Gambet Center 155
12:00-1:00 PM   PAS Business Meeting/Lunch (Open to all members)* Hurd Auditorium
1:00-2:00 PM Keynote: Dr. Karen Goldberg DUC Commonwealth Room

* Business Meeting Election slate found here. 

Saturday Afternoon, Evening Sessions, March 26 

2:15–3:15 PM    Oral Presentations IV: Cancer II Gambet Center 153
2:15–3:15 PM    Oral Presentations V: Microbiology Gambet Center 155
3:30–5:00 PM Oral Presentations VI: Human Health Gambet Center 206
2:15–4:55 PM    Symposium: Snapshots of a Superfund Site: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Ecological Restoration Gambet Center 232
2:00–4:00 PM    Coffee Break Gambet Center Atrium
5:30 PM Dinner  DUC Commonwealth Room


Sunday, March 27 

7:30–8:30 AM    Meeting Check-In DUC Reception Gallery
8:00-9:30 AM PAS Board Meeting Gambet Center 232
9:00–11:00 AM   Coffee Break DUC Reception Gallery

Gambet Center Atrium

9:45–11:15 AM    Oral Presentations VII: Molecular Biology/Biochemistry Gambet Center 153
9:45-11:45 AM   Poster Session II (Poster set-up 8:00-9:45 AM) Chemistry, Ecology, Developmental Biology, and Behavior DUC Wood and Heritage Rooms
11:45-12:30 PM   Closing Remarks and Awards Ceremony DUC Commonwealth Room