Symposium held in the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex PNC room 6/7

located on the Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus

Saturday, March 24

Symposium Session I: Energy Transitions and Solar Energy

9:10 Introduction and Welcome Ed Levri, President of PAS

9:15 AM Leaping the Gap: Tracing Energy Transitions in World History Brian Black, Penn State Altoona

9:45 AM The Solar Ecology Framework: Pathways for Discovery and Well-Being from Light Jeffery Brownson, Penn State University

10:15 AM Concentrating sunlight without tracking the Sun Chris Giebink, Penn State University

11:00 AM Multi-Exciton Generation Mechanisms: Multiplying the Benefits of Solar Power John Asbury, Penn State University

11:30 AM Solar Energy and Market Suppression:  How solar benefits everyone. Richard Flarend, Penn State Altoona

Symposium Session II: Biological sources of Renewable Energy

1:30 PM Sustainable energy through biomass conversion using liquid phase catalysis Lindsey Welch, Cedar Crest College

2:00 PM Biochar, the Key to Expanded Biomass Energy Markets Ed Johnstonbaugh, Penn State Cooperative Extension

2:30 PM Microbial Electrochemical Technologies: Possibilities and Practical Matters Rachel Wagner, Saint Francis University

Symposium Session III: Wind Energy and Sustainable living

3:30 PM Status of Wind in Pennsylvania: Overview & Policy Allison Rohrs, Saint Francis University

4:00 PM Status of Wind in Pennsylvania Part II:  Environmental Impacts Michael Barton, Association of Consulting Foresters

4:30 PM Reaching sustainability goals through efficiency and off-grid living Michael Sell, Saint Francis University