The Darbaker Prize is a Pennsylvania Academy of Science (PAS) award given for outstanding scholarly contributions which use microscopic techniques and present microscopic illustrations in the reporting of biological research. The award is competitive amongst qualified papers submitted in association with the Academy’s annual meeting.

The Pennsylvania Academy of Science established the Darbaker Prize in 1952. Funds for the award are made available through a bequest of the late L.K. Darbaker, 1939 PAS President. Referring to the award, Dr. Darbaker’s will states: “Any sum applicable to the Pennsylvania Academy of Science shall be for grant or grants in Microscopical Biology.”

To qualify for the Darbaker Prize, a scientist or scientists must: (1) have used microscopy (light, SEM, TEM, or other technologies) in the research they report, (2) submit in proper format a manuscript reporting the results of the completed study for consideration to be published in the Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences, (3) specifically state a request to the Editor of the Journal to have their manuscript considered for the Darbaker Prize for the current calendar year, and (4) be a member of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science. Only manuscripts that have successfully completed the review process and have been accepted for publication in the Journal will be eligible for the award.

The Editor of the Journal will examine all manuscripts submitted for award consideration to determine the fulfillment of requirements. The editor will then forward the eligible manuscripts with reviewers recommendations to the PAS President for final decision. The Darbaker Prize recipient or recipients will be informed of their selection by the President of the Academy. Formal public announcement of the Darbaker Prize will be made in the Journal at an appropriate time. The individual or individuals awarded the Darbaker Prize will receive a publication grant for page charges required to print their article in the Journal, and will receive a monetary award.

For more information, please contact either:

Carl Pratt
Journal and Book Editor
Department of Biology
Immaculata University
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[email protected]
David Singleton
Grant and award coordinator
Department of Biology
York College of Pennsylvania
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